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What doesn't kill us...

...makes us stronger

Aug 24 -- The intern and I take both corn snakes out to interact with the public. I have the bigger, more active albino corn snake, she has the smaller normal corn snake. We attract a large crowd of interested families. It's great, we're getting lots of first-time snake people to come and touch, and appreciate the differences between the albino and wild type coloration of the corn snakes. As the crowd expands, the sun beats down on us. My attention is focused on keeping children's busy hands at bay while the snake warms up and becomes more active. His head begins to explore my thigh. Suddenly his head is up my shorts leg. I turn to the intern and point down at myself, she cracks up. We bail for the reptile housing area. The snake makes a beeline to put his entire body inside my shorts. I walk away from the crowd with nothing more than 8 inches of a 4 foot snake sticking out of my shorts. I hear desperate shouts from the crowd of, "Quick, get the camera!" My face is as red as my shirt. Once back in the reptile house, the intern helps me get the snake out...the OTHER pant leg of my shorts. Yikes!

Each day has its moments. These just happen to be the most embarrassing!!! I'm sure there will be more to add to this page as my time in the public increases.

We all know that people laugh at stories where another person suffered embarassment. So, enjoy, at my expense!

More stories to come!