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This is the true story of the newest keeper!

Hello everybody!
My name is Karen, and right after graduating UC Davis, I just started working in the education department at a zoo in Southern Oregon. I can't say which one on this website because then I would be representing them, and I'm only representing myself on this site. So, if you know what park I'm talking about, don't tell anyone, ok? Well, that was the disclaimer, onto the fun stuff...

Being a zookeeper is a hard job, I learn something new every day! Each day has its challenges. I hope you enjoy this site I've created. It's mostly to help me keep in touch with my wonderful but faraway friends and family, but if someone else comes accross this site who's interested in a career in zoological parks, I hope it helps inspire you. It's not as glamorous a career as its portrayed on the discovery channel, but it has its incredible rewards.

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Picture of a crowd watching our Lynx kitten

This is a picture of our Canada Lynx kitten practicing on the leash in front of an enthralled crowd. What a cutie!

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